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Climb Out of the Dark! Website Updated: More Art and Easier Navigation Go Download In Our Own Image short story or Knowing What to Say To an Ogre! fable for free now! Also a spectrum of neon photos and more!
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The Prismhawk Network
LLC 2015
Why?  Why have a network of websites based on sharing life experiences. Well, I wanted to create a business that I would like to work for everyday. Like so many of you I only enjoyed some of my positions and jobs. So why not share some of my own life experiences and skills along with what interests me. In 2008 just after finding out that my wife would never be able to work again due to kidney disease an idea occurred to me just after writing a haiku to express my feelings. The profound personal meaning it gave me and of course, the question ‘what am I going to do now?’ - Needed to be answered!  So, I have brought out many of my old photos of nature in my closet, bought a new camera to take more pictures of wildlife, looked at my animation samples, and then also realized how confusing it was in knowing what to do when you have to take care of a love one with kidney disease. So, these are the motivations behind the creation of Prismhawk LLC.
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